Product Demonstrations and Training Sessions
At this year's International Telemetry Conference, Curtiss-Wright is offering detailed product demonstrations and/or training sessions in booth 317. Space is limited, reserve your spot early.

Product Demonstration: MiTSPI nTTU-2600 Miniature Network TSPI Stack

Curtiss-Wright’s nTTU-2600 is a miniature network time-space position information (TSPI) unit that is also equipped with an integrated recorder. The TSPI demonstration will show a live 3D flight path simulation, this is achieved using a GPS simulator to feed positional data into the TSPI unit. Customers will be able to interact with the nTTU-2600 to view pitch, yaw, and roll adjustments, in real time, on the IADs 3D flight path display.

Training Session: TTCWare Flight Test Instrumentation System Setup and Configuration Software

TTCWare is a data acquisition system configuration and programming application. Using TTCWare, you can customize the behavior of your hardware and create parameters to sample data. This demo will show our new ability to launch IADS from TTCWare while transferring over the entire project configuration including all parameters, derived parameters, and EU conversions. This feature will make it much easier to use TTCWare and IADS together. Curtiss-Wright is presenting a paper on this topic during ITC.

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We welcome our partners' and customers' participation at the Workshop and invite you to share your experience as a guest speaker. Please contact Jessie Nokham to ask questions or if you encounter any problems registering.

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